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"Your Personal European Trip Planner & Consultant"

Advantages of a Personal Trip Planner:

Many individuals do not want the group experience but prefer to explore on their own. Many also have air miles or preferred airlines with more direct flights as opposed to group travel often using the best price connections, which are not always the most direct, nor changable in case of need.

Perhaps you do not want to get up early every morning and be herded on a tour bus. Have a leisurely breakfast and go at your own pace.

Maybe you want to see and experience the "heart throb" of Europe, experience the inside of the country and not just the ports.

If you can get your own way to Europe, then I am your local connection. If you need hints as to how to save on flights, I can certainly help there.

Although I specialize in France & Italy, I have extensive knowledge of Switzerland, Greece, Austria and Spain and have great connections there. (See Travel Services). 

Travel with your pet!! Privately!

How to travel on the plane with your pet?

Ask me! 

I have an 8 seater Mercedes Van for private tours.

Plan your trip with expert help from Lexie Martone.

Plan ahead for peace of mind!