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French Cookies From Paris 


Helpful Hints

1. Cover yourself with trip insurance. Remember expect the unexpected.

AAA or CAA Club
Global Travel Shield
Travel Guard

2. Pack light..... I suggest you place everything on the bed you want to pack. Then go away and return later and remove half of it. That will suffice. Take layers of clothes in matching colors. Major cities are more formal than in the USA. If you don't want to stick out like a tourist, then do not wear Bermudas and Hawaiian shirts in May in Rome. Summer is more acceptable but not during the season in major cities. Rome, Paris, Florence, Milan, Madrid, Vienna, etc you will see the people very smartly dressed in suits and ties. Black is a good basic color. If two people are traveling together, split your clothes half in each suitcase in case one gets lost or delayed.

3. Rain..... It rains a lot in Europe, take two folding umbrellas, not one for two so you do not get half wet.

4. Forget doggy bags in not ask to take food home from the restaurant. Most locals have their dog under the table anyway!!

5. Buying DVD's: Be sure to see the NTSC sign on the tourist DVD you buy from your favorite town. Otherwise it may be in English but on the British PAL system which may not work in your machine.

6. Film: Bring enough memory cards for your cameras..they are expensive in Europe. You do not need a converter for the charger.....anything electronic converts from 110 to 220 in Europe providing you have the plug to put on the end of your charger which would fit in the wall socket. You only need the plug!! This is for camera chargers, cell phones and computers.

7. Itinerary: Leave a copy of your itinerary at home with a close friend or relative.

8. Medicine: NEVER pack your medicine in your luggage, place in hand luggage only!!

9. Be flexible, not rigid!!! You will have surprises....that's part of the fun!